KR06 The Very Most - Syntherely Yours

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CD limited editon 123 copies.
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1  Good Fight Fighting (featuring Adriano do Couto)
2 Things Too Obvious to Sing (featuring Geoff Crestwell)
3 This is Where I Should Be (featuring Sam Counsil)
4 Jonathan Richman (featuring Colin Clary)
5 Polygraph (featuring Charles Bert)
6 Today it is Even Better (featuring Laz McCluskey)
7 Sweater (featuring Thomas Guilcher)
8 You're in Love With the Sun (featuring Lisle Mitnik)
9 Multnomah Now! (featuring Adam Sanders)
10 You're In Love With The Sun - Featherfin's Midnight Sun Remix (Bonus Track)
11 Good Fight Fighting - Legendary Housecats Remix (Bonus Track)

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